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This Huffington Post website offers some of the top beach towns to retire in.

The different cities are rated according to their health care, weather, activities, beauty, home prices, and cost of living.  After viewing the beautiful photographs, you will want to visit, if not live there.

Here are some of the best beach towns to retire in.

With Baby Boomers looking to relocate and retire, Forbes has put together their top choices based on weather, costs, medical care, crime, and recreational activities with the pros and cons listed for each place.

This is 2012 rankings for  the ten worst rated states to live in based on weather, crime rates, and the cost of living. The data also lists why the states received the poor rankings.

This is an article on the ten worst rated states for retirement.

According to new research, some Baby Boomers are choosing to stay put and retire where they live. Many other Baby Boomers move to senior friendly cities that have the following elements: health care, jobs, campuses that offer classes that seniors are interested in, low crime rate, weather, and have a strong restaurant and art scene. The cities are listed from best to worst for their overall quality.

This is an interesting article about ten of the top cities that Baby Boomers are retiring in

If you are thinking you might be ready for assisted living but are not sure, this website has a list of questions to help you decide. It also provides a list of things you should look for in an assisted living residence, for example, does the staff take the time to talk to you or do you feel rushed?

This site is great if you are not sure what type of assisting living you are looking for.

If you are considering relocating when you retire, the Where You Retire website is offering a free issue that covers information such as crime rate, state and local taxes, housing costs, health care, and other important issues in areas.

You can get a free issue of this magazine that gives you information on retirement relocations.  

This article on the MSN Money web site rates the 10 best cities to retire in rated on the following criteria:  health care, a large number of active adult communities, cultural events, adult education, a low crime rate, and low housing costs. For example if a city rated has high housing costs, the city would get a lower rating in that criteria. There are also informative  articles about other places to retire on this website.

This site has articles about the best places to retire.  

This website explains the different living options for seniors, costs, and has a list of questions you should ask when enquiring about a senior living residence. There is also a senior housing finder for continuing and memory care communities, nursing homes, and independent and assisted living communities.  

This site is very helpful concerning senior living options.  

Next time write an article Best places to retire for under 25 thousand dollars per year. How many people in the middle classes


This site has a list of top places in America for Boomers to retire to.

As the Baby Boomer generation begins to hit retirement age, millions will be searching for places to retire. So what's the best location to settle down?


Here are the  best places to retire according to Forbes

There are 10 states that offer the best tax benefits for retiring in. What I like about this website is MSN lists the pros and cons of the taxes of each state. For example a state might offer very low property tax, but have a higher personal tax rate.

Best states to retire in for tax benefits

This article lists 10 of the top cities where you can live on $30,000 a year. AARP Magazine put together the list after interviewing 50 residents from each location. The survey was based on mortgage, median home prices, property taxes, costs of entertainment and restaurants.

Retire in these cities for $30,000 a year