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Sometimes, when the travel bug strikes, the only cure is to pack your bags and go, but where to? U.S. News Travel ranks the top vacation destinations around the globe. Our list includes exotic islands, gigantic metropolises ,and world class historical sites. Vote for your favorites and see which spots rise to the top.

This is an article on some the best places to visit in the world

This is an article on the USA today news

The site is about making a bucket list for yourself.

Making a Bucket List before you kick

If you would like to volunteer but are not sure what you would like to do, this article on the AARP  site lists fun ways to volunteer and make a difference.  It  tells how to volunteer in your family, community, and  world organizations.  You can also locate them.

This is an article on the AARP site on fun ways to give back.

This  informative article tells about why you should make a bucket list. It gives ideas for things you might want to list on yours such as ice fishing, disco roller skating, financial and career goals, restaurants you want to try, and many more ideas.

This about why you should make a bucket list

The Smithsonian staff (they are frequent travelers) put together a list of places in the world we must see before we die. The site offers amazing pictures of each place. Some of them are definitely going on my bucket list!

Must See Places before you die