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Here is a excellent explanation of how the Affordable Care Act works.

Understanding the Affordable Care Act.

This article includes information on learning a new language or taking a college course (we need to keep those brain cells working)! The number one key to having a happy and healthy retirement is exercise, but exercise doesn't have to be a chore. This article tells how Baby Boomers are having fun while exercising.


This website offers a help guide for health after age 50. It also has information on Alzheimer's and dementia, senior housing, and caregiving.

If you want to learn more about your health, this website can be very useful.

You can find current topics having to do with health and health plans.


These are short informative articles about ways cultures from around the world live healthy lifestyles. In India, spices rich in antioxidants are used in cooking, in the Netherlands bikes are used for daily errands instead of cars, and a larger meal is consumed at lunchtimes instead of dinner in Mexico, plus there are more health lessons from around the world.

This Site has an article about health lessons from around the world

This USA Government website allows you to get Medicare and Medicaid information, research information on prescription drugs, find doctors and healthcare facilities, and more resources.


This website offers information for family members or people suffering with the disease of alcoholism. You can also search for local meetings.

Official site of the Alcoholics Anonymous World Services Inc.

People who lose wait more slowly tend to keep it off. This government website explains how to do it.

This is a government site for how to lose weight safely

The American Diabetes Association is leading the fight against the deadly consequences of diabetes and fighting for those affected by diabetes. This website offers many resources concerning diabetes.

The American Diabetes Association

Friends and families of problem drinkers find understanding and support at Al-Anon meetings. You can use this website to find local chapters.

Here is the site for AL-ANON

This website has information on dietary salt intake, heart disease, stroke, and cholesterol. Get educated on how to control your blood pressure if it is high.

Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention

If you know someone who is suffering from elder abuse you can get the telephone numbers in your state to report to. This website also has a list of frequently asked questions concerning elder abuse.

National site for Elder Abuse

This article tell about  some ways to make new friends. My spouse and I both retired at the same time and will be doing two of the things on this list shortly- visiting a senior center and starting a new activity ( learning to play bridge at the senior center). We already joined the senior travel club and are looking forward to the trips and meeting new friends.

Loneliness .  Are you retired and looking to make new friends?

This website lists the common cancer types, definitions, treatments, clinical trials, and more resources. It also contains research news on cancer related articles.

National Cancer Institute

This is a great site on Mental Health that covers most categories

National site for Mental Health

This article gives you tips on things you can do that may add years to your life.  For example: eat vegetables and fruit, floss, take a vacation, and more changes you can make in your life to possibly add years to your life providing genetics and luck are with us!

This is an article on how to live to 100.

A great source of information concerning aging is right in your community. This national government website allows you to enter your zip code and it gives you the government Agency on Aging that's nearest you. If they can't answer your questions they will be able to direct you to someone who can.

Agency for Area on Aging

This government website explains the types and amount of exercise seniors 65 years and older should be doing.  Seniors should be doing both aerobic activity (for cardio) and muscle building exercises. Physical exercise is extremely important for staying healthy.

Exercise and Senior’s