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We are celebrating our pets' spirit with stories about love, laughter, joy and courage. On this website pet owners share their stories about how pets have made their lives better.


This article informs you how to choose the right dog.  We choose a dog according to their size and most importantly their temperament. It also tells about how much space you will need.


If you are preparing a trip with your dog, you will want to read this article. It gives hints on traveling with your dog by air and automobile. There are  even suggestions on staying at hotels and inns that are dog friendly.

This is an article about how to travel with your dog

Read about the unusual  romance between Chunzi and Changmao, a deer and a ram that are at a zoo in China.

On the Today Pets site there is a cute article about a love story between a ram and a deer.

This writer grieved for 3 years over the death of her dog before getting another one.

She explains the importance of taking the time to grieve for a pet and get a new one.

This is an article on coping with the loss of a pet

Here is an article by the Humane Society concerning ways to cope when you lose a pet. Pets become part of your family, and when a pet dies the grief you experience can be overwhelming.  This article explains the grieving process and offers suggestions on ways for children, seniors, and other pets to cope with the loss.

Coping with the loss of a pet.

If you are considering getting a dog this website describes the temperament and physical attributions of different dog breeds.

This site tells about different dog breeds