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Read about the top best places to travel to according to Lonely Planet’s travel guides.  The areas are picked by counties, regions, and cities.


Cruises take all the hard work out of planning a vacation, but how do you know if you're getting the best value? U.S. News Travel has chosen their  top Cruises .


This website from U.S. News Travel picks their top 20 vacation destinations with Yellowstone being the number one. There is also a list for top things to do for each destination.

This website offers the top destinations to visit in the United States.

Disney Cruise Line is the number one choice for achieving high scores in  food and entertainment.

Best cruises - JD Powers ranked these cruise lines the top ones for customer satisfaction for 2013

They also offer some deals and discounts.

Bus - Greyhound -This is the main website for Greyhound that you can purchase tickets from.

Not all airlines give senior discounts but USA Today's website has listed some that still do. Also check the airlines other rates in case they have a less expensive flight.

Airlines - This Site Offers information on Airlines that gives senior discounts to those 65 years and older

Do you rent first or buy when taking your first trip and where do you stay? These travel tips will help you if your planning a vacation in a RV.

Traveling in an RV - This site has some RV travel tips for retirees

They offer tour packages  Also check out the discounts for seniors. Amtrak Also offers sleeping quarters.

Train - This is the Amtrak site.

If your in a fixed income (most off us are if you're retired) this article tells different ways to have fun like volunteering in return for free shows, checking out the local college for free or inexpensive courses for adults, joining a book club, and more.

Here's an article from AARP on how to have fun on a fixed income

This article on MSN Money tells about what it's like to live in your RV full time. it goes over some of the expense and ways to save money.

Great article on this  site about living in you RV full time

U.S. News Travel  has put together a list of Must See places to visit that won't break the bank. The site also lists the some of the attractions of the places. For example, Nashvile offers low prices for hotels (some of the lowest in the South), great barbeques, and Nashville is a bargain hunters delight!

Affordable places to visit in the U.S.

When we travel we prefer to stay at hotels that have a rating of  3 stars or higher. The only problem is that being retired and on a fixed income we had to think twice about where we were going to stay until I started using travel search engines. (I do read the cancellation policies before booking though). This link has an updated list of discount search engines.

Traveling on a Fixed Income

It never stops, the thieves have found a way to bypass the key card you use to enter your hotel room.  Take a look at this video that was on the Today Show on how it is being done and how to protect yourself.


This government site offers travel tips to help seniors stay safe. The site give information on  passport, scams to be aware of in the countries your traveling to, ways to protect your finances, and more information.

Travel Safe